Ice Clean LogoDry Ice (CO2) Blast Cleaning
No Grit • No Solvents • No Water • No Waste
“Ready to Paint or Just Clean”

423-928-8351 or 1-888-ICE CLEAN

ICE CLEAN® is a revolutionary blast cleaning service. It is safe, makes sense & saves money!

        So whether it is general industrial equipment, motor and electric equipment, casting and molding equipment, printing presses, food grade areas, or a tougher problem that needs to be cleaned without damage, contamination, or waste…ICE CLEAN® can help. (See more applications…)

Give us a call about ICE CLEAN® and we will discuss your particular situation
and see if ICE CLEAN® is the Solution. On-Site Demos can be arranged.
When we arrive for a demo or job we come fully prepared with all necessary
equipment, including air compressors, air dryers, and other required items.

With the ICE CLEAN® System, we can clean your equipment on line & in place.
There is no need to spend time on the costly disassembly and relocation of items
to be cleaned. Ceilings and walls can also be cleaned with minimal protection of
the adjacent areas and in many cases while you continue to operate & produce.

Safety and environmental concerns are also addressed with your designated
personnel before a project begins. The process requires no grit, no solvents, and
no water, so environmental waste and associated problems are eliminated. In many
situations, eye protection and minimal hearing protection are all that is required.

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